Welcome to Glantz Design!

CONGRATS! You made it here. It’s DAY 1. We honor the potential of everyone, regardless of your membership in a legally protected group, to add tremendous value to Glantz, and we couldn’t be more excited to have you as part of the Glantz Team. Since we’ve let you into our Glantz family, we know you are pretty awesome. Our goal is that this be a place where you both add value and feel valued.

To that end, this Handbook is intended to communicate some helpful information about what to expect from Glantz and what we expect from you. Let’s start with why we are here!

We’re here to do great work for clients. Since 2008, we’ve grown every single year by following a very simple premise: Do great work that works.

We’re not just about design, or just about strategy. We’re about getting creative and thinking smart. We believe in career development, exploring opportunities and continual growth, so get ready to bend your brain in new ways.

You can expect to:

  • Have fun
  • Be challenged
  • Work hard
  • Partake in post-launch festivities
  • DJ for the office (assuming you have good music taste)

And we expect you to uphold our Glantz Core Values.

Our Values:

  • Do what is right for the client and the problem at hand
  • Be nimble, but don’t cut corners
  • Act with kindness, and also honesty
  • Shun Complacency – don’t become a dinosaur
  • Be a team player
Getting Started icon

Getting Started

Let’s not jump the gun. We have a few things we must do to remain compliant and of course make sure you get paid.

Getting Started

Day 1. Here we go! Below you’ll find the essentials: Employment and Handbook Acknowledgment, getting around the office and getting paid. When combined with our Standard Operating Procedures, included in the appendix, it is all the basics for becoming a tried-and-true Glantzer.


We respect your privacy so we won’t be snooping on your email. But with great [technological] power comes great responsibility. We may not be working with classified government information, but let’s learn from the greats, and use email responsibly.

But it’s not just via email. Respecting our client’s privacy means being prudent on all fronts. You’ve already signed an NDA and a copy of this can be found in the appendix of our manual. Please be sure to re-read this document from time to time—our clients count on our discretion!


This Handbook is intended as an easy to use reference guide on Glantz procedures, policies and benefits and we hope it will provide you with a general understanding of how we operate—what we expect from you and what you can expect from us. It is intended solely for informational purposes and is not a contract, express or implied, and its contents do not contain and enforceable promise of any kind. Nor does anything in this Handbook change your employment status with Glantz or guarantee employment for any set period of time. Your employment with Glantz is at all times employment at-will, unless you have a written contract to the contrary, signed by you and Keith Glantz.

This Handbook supersedes and/or modifies any and all pre-existing handbooks, rules, benefits, policies, and procedures, whether written or not. As the business grows, changes or modifications to this handbook may become necessary and Glantz reserves the right to revise these policies, procedures or processes at any time, for any reason, and without prior notice. We will endeavor to provide notice of changes or additions, whenever possible, and will update the Handbook online as quickly as we can.

We have worked to make this handbook as thorough and user-friendly as possible, and we recognize that it cannot anticipate every workplace situation or answer every question about your employment, and that from time to time you might have questions. Please do not hesitate to contact Keith Glantz or Anne Weber when such questions arise.

Being In and Getting Around The Office icon

Being In and Getting Around The Office

We love our home away from home. It has some cool features and procedures you should know about.

Being In and Getting Around The Office

dress code

In terms of dress, we expect men to come to work in suit and tie, and women to come in pant suit and blouse. Just kidding. As long as you feel good and are clean, we have no complaints. Be aware of the days that you have meetings with clients, or where you’ll be representing Glantz, and dress accordingly.

bathroom etiquette

We want all Glantz employees to be at the top of their game. That’s why we can’t stress enough how important it is to wash your hands! Hand-washing after using the bathroom is one of the most effective ways to prevent catching something nasty. It’s especially important in an office environment because we’re constantly touching things—our computers, mice, mugs, etc. Let’s keep clean and stay healthy.

Also, if you see we’re out of toilet paper grab it yourself. Let’s not leave the next toilet goer hanging.


The kitchen is a shared space, so let’s not forget that. If you notice that we’re running out of paper towels, grab some from the top shelf above the sink. Something else to note: The environmental impact that paper towels have is pretty dismal. Be mindful of that before unrolling a fluffy handful for your tiny hands.

Please use the kitchen for eating and DO NOT eat at your desk. Get up, take a break, eat, return. Let’s try to keep our working space clean and crumb-free.

We know that sometimes you’re just in a hurry, but make sure that by 4:45, you’ve either placed your dishes in the dishwasher or washed them by hand. It’s not fair to those that end up having to wash your dirty dishes! Let’s respect each other’s time.

Feel free to keep your food in the fridge, but be aware of how long your food sits there. Occasionally, we have to go through an office refrigerator purge to find the culprit of a smelly, forgotten lunch. Don’t be that person. We will find you.

We’re all about caffeinating, so use the espresso machine as you will. To operate it, hit the power button and wait until the lights stop flashing. Once they stop flashing, insert one of the espresso capsules, close the metal flap and press the button for the size coffee you want. If the receptacle that collects the coffee capsules is full, throw them out under the sink in the black capsule recycling bag. If you decide to get fancy with your coffee and make a cappuccino with the milk frother, please wash it thoroughly after use.

More of a tea person? It comes from the same machine as the filtered water. In order to make the water hot, hold down the red button until the light starts flashing and then hit the center button that usually dispenses cold water.


If you need something, sticky notes, markers, paper clips, materials to build the next largest rubberband ball, go and grab it in the black filing cabinets across from the printer. If you see that something is running out tell Laura. If you’re using shared office supplies, make sure you put them back where you found them.

Callout Recycle Icon
Any office produces a considerable amount of paper waste—and a design agency is definitely not the exception. Make sure you recycle whenever possible!

If you’re getting artistic with the whiteboard walls, make sure you clean them off when you’re done. Use the eraser and the wipes or the walls will have residue on them. Close the lid of the wipes, and return them and the markers to their spots after you use them.

the building

We are pretty proud of our building and physical space. We know you’ll spend many hours here and we want it to be as conducive to your greatness as possible. Here’s just a few of the amenities we hope you will enjoy:

  • Espresso machine
  • Fitness center & basketball court
  • Outdoor pool and grill space
  • Bike parking & affordable garage parking
  • Easy access to El and Metra
  • Great workspace and views

For all of the Do’s and Don’ts about our building and physical facilities, please see Building Logistics, located in the .


If you see a maintenance issue in our space, let office manager know ASAP and she will contact the building to get the issue resolved.


We have access to some awesome E2 amenities here at Glantz. The pool, pool deck, theatre, massage room, basketball court, exercise room, and fourth floor lounge area are all available to us from 7AM – 7PM. You don’t need a reservation for these spaces, however the party room does need to be reserved in advance.


Parking at E2 is done through Standard Parking Plus and Glantz does NOT set any of the pricing or regulations. The pricing for garage parking is as follows:

24/7 access $160/month + Activation fee $75/ 1 time
M-F access $ 70/month + Activation fee $75/ 1 Time

Payment is due, to E2, the 5th of every month and there is a $25 late fee if paid after the 5th.

To pay or sign up for parking, follow the steps at parking.com then bring your 1st payment confirmation to E2’s leasing office. You will submit your monthly payments through parking.com as well.

You must give the leasing office 30 days notice if you want to cancel your parking.


E2 has a room available for rent on a night by night basis. If you’re interested in information about renting this room for someone coming in from out of town, talk to Steve for more information and to make a reservation. The room reservation requires a security deposit as well as a check for the amount of the rental.


When Glantz receives a package, we will receive an email. If you end up running downstairs to pick it up, the process is pretty simple. Head over to the lobby of the east tower and let the front desk know that you’re from Glantz and that we have a package. They’ll ask you to sign for it and then you’re all set.


If you lose your key fob, let Steve know and he will inform E2. You will have to pay a $50 fee, so keep track of your keys!


When a guest arrives and wants to be buzzed into the building, we get a phone call on the office line. If you end up needing to buzz someone in, press 9 to unlock the lobby door downstairs. Once they call from our door press #61#61 to let them into the office.


We use Airplay to display our content from our computers on the TV in the large conference room. To do this, turn on the TV and click the Airplay icon on the top menu bar on your computer. The Airplay icon is the outline of a rectangle with a black triangle at the bottom. Click on this icon and select “Apple TV” from the dropdown menu. It should prompt you to enter a code. The code is lowercase glantz. Once this code is entered on your computer, the TV should mirror your screen.


We have our own employee Wi-Fi, but if you need to sign onto the guest Wi-Fi or have a guest who needs to, the password is helloglantz.


If you’re an early bird and beat everyone to the office, get the key from the lock box found next to the entrance to the stairwell. The combination is 2031. After you unlock the door, make sure you put the key back immediately. You will have to enter the code to close the key box as well.

We have a security system. Everyone has his or her own code. Check with Steve or Keith to set this up.

Getting Paid icon

Getting Paid

Fill in.

Getting Paid

Work Hours and Hours Worked


In general, unless otherwise agreed upon, Glantz employees are expected to be in the office from either 8AM to 5PM or 9AM to 6PM Monday through Friday. We encourage you to get away from your desk for a one-hour lunch. Go up to the 4th floor to work out, hang out in the kitchen, or brave the weather for a lunch out. A change in scenery can help you stay productive and give you a fresh perspective on your work.


We’ll cover payment to you next, but let’s make sure that Glantz can also be paid timely. We invoice clients from our time; therefore, everyone must accurately enter their time daily. If you’re more than a week late on your time sheets, this can be grounds for discipline, loss of privileges such as direct deposit and Work From Home Status, and dismissal. Please see our SOP for more on using the FunctionFox timekeeping system.

Receiving Your Pay


In order to comply with the State and Feds, we need you to complete your federal and state W-4, found in the . Be sure to calculate the deductions you’d like to take and sign both documents.


The I-9 form affirms that you are legally eligible to work for Glantz. We’ve highlighted the required sections you’ll need to complete and we will make and keep a copy of the documents you use to complete the form. The I-9 form is available in the  of this handbook.


We pay all employees through direct deposit. To get you set up with direct deposit, please complete the Direct Deposit Authorization Form, located in the of this handbook, and include a voided check or deposit slip. Make sure you update this form before closing any bank account(s) where we are depositing you pay. If you have any questions contact Laura Glantz at laura@glantz.net.


To be reimbursed for business-related expenses, expense reports should be submitted to the Accounting Department at accounting@glantz.net semi-monthly, by the 10th and 25th of the month.

Leave and Paid Time Off icon

Leave and Paid Time Off

Even though we think this is the best place to spend your days, at some point you’ll need to take a day off.

Leave and Paid Time Off

At Glantz, we appreciate the importance of vacation and holidays. Therefore, in addition to pay for hours you do work, we will also pay you for many hours spent to rest, relax and rejuvenate. Below is more information about how we structure our paid time off (PTO), how to request it, and how to track it.


As a full-time Glantz employee, you get fifteen (15) days of PTO each year. This acts as a bank of hours that you can draw from for vacation, sick, and personal days.

All PTO of more than one day must be approved by Anne at least two (2) weeks in advance.

PTO accrues at a rate of 1.25 days (10 hours) each month. We encourage you to only use what has been accrued, but Glantz will advance up to one (1) week of unaccrued PTO, upon request and your agreement to repay the value of the advance when appropriate. Additionally, you can take no more than two (2) weeks of PTO at one time.

Two (2) weeks of PTO can be carried from the current year to the next year.

Should you leave Glantz, any accrued and unused PTO will be included in your final pay; any used and unaccrued PTO will be deducted from your final pay.


  1. Choose the date(s) you want to take off.
  2. Send a message to Amy in the PTO Tracker & Schedule team in Basecamp.
  3. Make sure only Amy and Anne are notified when the message is sent and your name is in the message title.
  4. Hit post this message.
  5. Your PTO is not approved until you see the time posted in FunctionFox.

For sick or personal days, just call in at least 1 hour prior to your start time! We encourage the sick to battle their sniffles at home to avoid impacting others. Where possible and you can be productive, we appreciate any work you can produce from home- do what you can! Be sure to log your time in FunctionFox accordingly.

Employees are asked to reserve 3 PTO days for Q4, when the sick bug inevitably makes its way around the office. These days, if not used, can be part of the 5 days allowable to rollover into Q1 of the next year.


We have approximately 12 holidays a year: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & the day after Thanksgiving, the last week of the year and one day chosen by the team. A calendar of Glantz holidays are included in the .

Callout Clock Icon
PTO must be taken in minimum increments of 1 hour and should be logged in FunctionFox (in fractions) under Glantz General- Sick or Glantz General Vacation/Personal.


Glantz appreciates that salaried exempt workers are compensated to work until the job is complete. However, we know that sometimes, work requires even those employees to go far above and beyond. We appreciate your commitment to our clients and your willingness to do what it takes to deliver for the client each and every time. When you do, we want to know about it and use it as an opportunity to provide you with time off to recuperate and do all the things you missed when you were completing the task at hand.

Accordingly, from time to time, we may grant individual or groups of employees additional time off in recognition of work far above and beyond the call of duty and normal working hours. This is called Compensatory Time and it will be logged in FunctionFox similar to other PTO. Compensatory Time can be granted only by Glantz leadership (Keith, Anne or Jen) and must be used within the same pay period as it is granted, unless more work makes that impossible, in which case we will give you additional time to use your Comp Time. Comp Time not used within the appropriate timeframe is lost—you cannot take it later and you will not be paid for it.


Consistent with IL and Federal laws, we are pleased to offer up to 12 weeks unpaid leave with the ability to return to the job. Our short-term disability benefit will pay you up to 60% of your salary for up to thirteen (13) weeks, consistent with your doctor’s order. During any elimination period, and after exhaustion of the short-term disability benefit, you may elect to use your PTO, for a maximum maternity leave of sixteen (16) weeks.

We ask that you discuss your leave with leadership and develop a leave plan at least thirty (30) days in advance and that you advise us if at any point that plan changes.


Our paternity leave policy includes up to 4 unpaid weeks of leave. Glantz allows new dads to utilize PTO and we grant 1 extra week of PTO that calendar year, so that some or all of up to four weeks off can be paid.


Nursing mothers may take reasonable paid breaks to express breast milk for up to one year after the birth of their children. Glantz will provide a private location for such breaks.


Glantz encourages employees to fulfill their civic duties. To that end, employees will be allowed leave to serve on a jury, if summoned. We request that you provide a copy of your summons notice to Anne as soon as you receive it. If you are called during a particularly busy period, we may ask you to request a postponement. The Company will provide additional documentation in this regard, if necessary, to obtain such postponement.

Jury duty can last from several days to several months or more. During this time, you will be considered on a leave of absence and will be entitled to continue to participate in insurance and other benefits as if you were working. While serving on jury duty, we expect you to communicate with your supervisor daily to keep him or her apprised of your status.

The Company will compensate full-time employees for the difference between jury duty compensation and your current daily pay for the first five days you serve as a juror (or in accordance with applicable law, if different). If additional time is required, it will be granted, but without additional Glantz pay. You are welcome to keep your jury duty pay.


Parenting is an important job and one that demands your presence. Accordingly, after six (6) months of employment, Glantz will grant up to eight (8) hours annually for you to attend conferences or classroom activities for your dependents. We ask that you give us the standard notice of this time-off, that you take no more than four (4) hours of school visitation leave in a single day and, while this time off is unpaid, you may use your available PTO to receive payment for this time off.


As a small business, we do not have an unpaid leave policy. On a case by case basis, if all PTO has been utilized and extenuating circumstances require additional time off, we can discuss an unpaid leave with a return-to-work arrangement.


After 5 full years of continuous full-time employment with Glantz Design, you will be eligible for a paid 4-week sabbatical.

You must give us 120 days notice of when you plan on using the sabbatical. And that time must be pre-approved.

You cannot use additional PTO to extend the duration. You will use your PTO throughout the calendar year in normal increments.

The sabbatical is not four extra weeks of PTO that year. It must be used in a four week (20 business days) span to do something special or nothing at all. It is your time to rest, relax, get the “rainy days” stuff done or go on an adventure.

Your 5-year sabbatical can be rolled over indefinitely, but encouraged you to use it during the milestone year.

Employees on sabbatical leave will not be required to use any accrued leave during this period and are permitted to carry over all leave in the instance that the sabbatical leave crosses from one calendar year into the next. Employees will not accrue any additional leave during their sabbatical.

Employees on approved sabbatical leave will receive pay and continued benefits during the period of leave.

Unused sabbatical time cannot be cashed out upon termination.

Benefits and Perks icon

Benefits and Perks

We give you more than just pay and time off, we also provide some extras.

Benefits and Perks

We compete with large firms for client business, and our goal is to be competitive as an employer as well. As a result, we offer a suite of employee benefits and perks that are competitive, robust and available to all full-time Glantzers.


Employees who work at least thirty (30) hours each week, are immediately eligible to select Health Insurance through the company for you, your spouse and/or your family. The election form is included in the of this handbook. If you have any questions contact Laura Glantz at laura@glantz.net.


After 6 months of full-time employment, you are eligible to participate in Glantz’s 401k retirement plan. This plan, administered by PAI, includes a company match, so your savings go farther! Sign up forms are in the . If you have any questions contact Laura Glantz at laura@glantz.net.


All full-time employees are automatically enrolled in STD, which provides partial pay in the event you have an illness or sickness that prevents you from working for more than three (3) days, or are pregnant. If you have any questions contact Laura Glantz at laura@glantz.net.


We’ve heard it said that independent work requires focus, but teamwork mandates collaboration. To meet our client needs, our work is necessarily team focused and predominantly collaborative. As a result, working from home is the exception at Glantz, not the rule. Moreover, the ability to work remote must be earned through consistently proactive, reliable and responsive communication, administrative output and quality of work.

If the ability to work from home, on occasion and when client work permits, is important to you, we want to create that opportunity and clearly define when it will be acceptable in our office environment.

To be eligible to work from home, you must have worked for Glantz a minimum of six (6) months and demonstrated a level of accountability that gives us confidence that productivity and quality of work will not be diminished by your working out of office. Your manager can provide a WFH status of where you stand upon request. When WFH status is earned, you may work from home, with permission and as needed, in alignment with this policy and as long as you have remote access (VPN), excellent Wi-Fi and Slack on at all times.

If you are working from home, we expect a minimum of 6 hours of billable work and a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours-notice, except in cases of emergency. We won’t try to define an emergency for you, but if you’ve earned WFH status, we trust you to use this privilege sparingly and appropriately. That means avoiding last minute decisions to WFH, not requesting to WFH during critical team or client collaboration moments and ensuring both quantity and quality of your work. This will help you to maintain the privilege of WFH status as the employee perk it is intended to be.


In addition to great health and financial benefits, our day-to-day working environment is pretty awesome and includes perks like:

  • Happy hours
  • Team outings
How We Work icon

How We Work

Fill in.

How We Work

Project Management: BASECAMP

It can be pretty hectic at Glantz. Whether you’re on the design, developer, or account side, you’ll be juggling multiple clients and various projects at once. Basecamp is how the entire team stays up to date with each other’s tasks and each project’s progress. You’ll be assigned to-do’s, likely by an account person. You’ll add your materials to that discussion, and once they are proofed and sent to the client, the account person who assigned the to-do will mark it as completed. Basecamp is where we keep the most up-to-date documents and edits on files. Both you and the client will be constantly updating and changing this content, so, when used properly and consistently, Basecamp is an invaluable organizational tool.

There are two aspects to Basecamp: the client side and the Glantz side hat the client cannot see. Make sure you are aware of what you are sending to clients when you send them a copy of threads or to-dos.

You can log in at basecamp.com with the login information that we provide you.


FunctionFox is the platform we use to keep track of hours worked so that we can bill clients appropriately. You can log in at functionfox.com. To accurately track time in FunctionFox, please take these steps:

  • When you work on a project for a client, you create a new time entry or track it against the assigned hours for that project. You can see your assigned items by going to the To Do page under the TimeSheet tab.
  • For each entry, select the client and project name that fits the task you are working on and then pick the task that is most relevant, if there is one.
  • Write a brief description of the work in the notes section so that when billing happens, it’s easier to see what needs to be billed where.
  • Record your time by fractions of an hour, so if you worked for 15 minutes on a project, enter .25 in FunctionFox.

Glantz expects that you’ll log an 8 hour day, with 6-7 hours of client billable work, however, each department has a utilization goal your supervisor will share with you. When recording your time, please note:

  • Any non-billable Glantz administrative time goes under Miscellaneous Non-Billable (with notes), or we have projects under 2019 Status Meetings, Social Media and Blog, Training, and others that may be specific to an internal project.
  • PTO time should be billed under your PTO project (Glantz Design > PTO > “Your Name” PTO) where you will log 8 hours for each full day you are out sick or on vacation.
  • For partial sick or vacation days, you will log any client billable time or Glantz administration time accordingly, and log the remainder of your 8 hours as sick or vacation.
  • For compensatory time, you will log your time under Glantz General- Comp Time.


You can access email at the web address: mail.google.com and log in with your email and password. Or, if you would like, we can configure your work computer and smartphone to get mail through programs like Apple Mail or the Gmail app. While we promote work-life balance, communication happens at random times and we strongly encourage you to have email access via your smartphone as well. In addition we require that all email uses 2-factor authorization.

Your work computer should not be used for personal email accounts.

If you want to make an out of office reply only create it through mail.google.com. Do not ever set up out of office reply through other platforms-you can ask veteran Glantzers what happens if you try do that.


We currently use Slack as our intra-office IM software. Slack should be used for quick questions, not for items, documents or discussions requiring long-term reference. If you have a question on what medium is the best to use in various scenarios, see the end of this manual on communications.


We have a shared calendar so everyone can keep track of when we have meetings going on in the office, when people are going to be out of town, and other important scheduling information. This calendar is connected to your Glantz email and can be accessed from the Google webmail platform or at calendar.google.com.

Server Usage icon

Server Usage

We take our servers quite seriously. Please take special note of how we save to the server.

Server Usage

Our server. It’s our pride and joy and has some specific rules for how to save files, access files, and not delete files. This is important stuff.


On Day 1, you’ll be granted access to our server. This is our single source of truth!

By granting you access, we are trusting you with our most valuable assets—our work. Please do not delete things from the server until you have passed a master class in server management. If you don’t know what that is, you haven’t passed it.

Saving Files

Always save your work to the server, not to your desktop. Use the following naming convention:______ Always identify the version of the document for easy reference.


See the VPN section for how to access the server remotely.

To set up your access to the server, go to your finder, click on creative and log in with the username and password assigned to you. And boom, you have access to all of Glantz Design’s top-secret information.

Version Control

At Glantz, we often go through many versions of a design before submitting it to a client, and even more versions once we receive edits from a client. It’s important that we keep all of these versions organized on the server so that we can go back to them if necessary. When you are done making changes and updates to a file, you should save it with an updated version number. For example, if you’re working on a file called Glantz_is_Great_v1.pdf and you make updates to this file, you should save it as a new file called Glantz_is_Great_v2.pdf in the same folder on the server as version 1. The version number will keep increasing with every new update. Try to avoid using names like Glantz_is_Great_FINALVERSION because more often than not, it’s not the final version.

Saving Files

Files should be saved in their preferred Glantz format, as follows:

  • Mock-ups = PNG
  • Print items = PDF for review
  • Digital ads = Provided at size as JPEGs
  • And always save native files on the server in their corresponding version (AI, PSDs, indd, etc).

Callout Folder Icon
When starting a new project on the server, go to the “clients” folder, copy the folder “_Job Template” at the top of the list and paste it into the proper client folder. Inside is a READ ME file with instructions on organizing files in this structure, naming convention, and archiving old files.


Our server is set up with folders that organize files into categories. Most of our files are under the client folder which is broken up with one folder per client. Within each client folder are folders for the projects we have worked on and then within those folders are specific files, versions, etc. The other major folder that our server uses is the “Images” folder. This folder is where we keep all purchased images. It is broken up by year and month and, within each month, by client. This file structure allows us to easily find images that we’ve previously used for clients. Any purchased images for our client projects will go in these folders.


If you have a home computer or laptop, we can configure it to access our server through VPN software. Please make an appointment with our office manager to gain access.

Communication icon


When in doubt, over-communicate. You’ll quickly learn how to reach out internally and externally.


Glantzers are in constant communication, so make sure you know the best channel for what you want to communicate.

We are in the communications industry, so let’s communicate well.

Don’t ever be afraid to ask a question. But if you do have a question about what method of communication to use—refer to this handy-dandy chart that teaches you when to email, when to IM, when to message on Basecamp. And when all else fails, knock on the door or pick up the phone.

Communication Chart

With so many methods of possible communication—email, Basecamp, IM, text—it can be confusing and frustrating.

In simple terms: The server should be the single source of truth for design work and documents.


Basecamp is how we move from work on the server through revisions amongst a discussion thread. Once the project is finished, the Basecamp files will be archived.


Email is the primary method for client communication and any intra-office communication for files that don’t go through Basecamp threads.


Slack is essentially text messaging. Please try not to share files via Slack—it eats up our storage way too fast. Instead, Slack the link to the place on basecamp or the file path to the server location. Search in Slack stinks, so try not to Slack anything that will need to be referred to in the future.

Annual Review icon

Annual Review

How are you doing? How are we doing? Let’s take stock.

Annual Reviews


We’re all about growing—not just on the company level, but on the individual level too. That’s why we conduct performance reviews on an annual basis.

This means looking inwards and evaluating ourselves with simple questions:

  • What is working?
  • What isn’t working?
  • What was your best work of the year?
  • What are your goals for the upcoming year?

In a one-on-one meeting with your supervisor, we will review your take on things as well as ours.


Each year the agency sets tangible and intangible goals that are shared with everyone at “the state of Glantz” meeting. It’s our hope that every employee will contribute to these goals throughout the year and that when we achieve them, we will all reap the benefits.

Glantz is committed to hands-on training throughout the year, as well as paying for specific training that we mutually agree would benefit your career and our agency. Be sure to bring these opportunities up in your annual performance review.
Policies icon


As a growing small business, we are always adding to our official office policies. Here is some of our "fine print."



Creating a happy and safe work environment is really important to us at Glantz and something that everyone here, regardless of your membership in any legally protected class, can expect from us as your employer.

At Glantz, we have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination and harassment and anyone found to have engaged in this type of behavior will be subject to discipline, including immediate termination. We’re not a huge corporation, we are a family and let’s not forget it. We expect you to be aware of each other’s unique backgrounds, value them as important to our collective and generally exhibit care and respect in the workplace.

Anyone who feels that he or she has been subjected to, or witnessed, sexual or other forms of harassment or discrimination, should immediately report to Keith, Anne, or Perspectives (HR), so that the situation can be reviewed and dealt with in accordance with our policy and the law. You will be protected from any form of retaliation by coming forward in good faith.


Our hardware and software are yours to use, but not abuse. Glantz reserves the right to view all use of computers including browsing history, so please avoid attending to private matters on company computers. Please do not use Glantz time or materials for personal use without prior permission. And please do not download suspicious files from the internet onto company computers.


We get it. You’re sitting in front of the magical world that is the Internet and how could you not check reddit for the latest hedgehog meme?! But we also want to make sure that that hedgehog meme isn’t detracting from your ability to keep our clients happy. If you have to, recharge for a few moments—just don’t let it affect your high-quality work!

Beyond work, we want to ensure that you are using social media consistent with being a Glantzer. Please know that the same principles, guidelines and expectations we have of you in the workplace also apply to your online activities outside of work. Before creating online content, remembers that any conduct that adversely impacts your job performance, the job performance or workplace safety of co-workers or visitors to Glantz or otherwise adversely impacts Glantz or our business interests is grounds for discipline and/or termination.


The use, sale, or possession of controlled substances is highly discouraged. Please don’t turn our company into a front for drug smuggling. The raciest we’ll get is the beer cart’s Friday rounds. Try to control yourself until then. You’ll get there.


No insider trading. This isn’t Wolf of Wall Street. We’re a wholesome down to earth design company. We ask that you also respect the confidentiality of clients’ work (as committed in your NDA).

In order to put your Glantz work on a personal portfolio, you need approval in advance to make sure it’s okay. We as a company, do the same, before sharing on Glantz.net.


Glantz is committed to ensuring our workplace is safe and healthy for both you and visitors to our space. We ask for your cooperation by working safely, not taking unnecessary risks and reporting any workplace injuries to Anne within twenty-four (24) hours. We expect you to come to work physically and psychologically prepared to do great work, as a result, we prohibit working under the influence of alcohol or marijuana, unless sanctioned by management or medically necessary, and strictly prohibit any illegal drugs or controlled substances while at work. While lawfully prescribed medications are permitted, Glantz may ask you to leave the workplace under any circumstances where your condition impacts the safety or health of others in the workplace.


We recognize the increase in violence and bullying in our world and it is our intention to ensure that it does not impact our workplace. Accordingly, any words or actions suggestive of or threatening violence of any kind towards any person have no place inside Glantz, or outside Glantz while you are representing our brand. This includes direct communication as well as indirect communication via social media or gossip. If you bring a weapon onto our premises, you will face immediate termination and possible legal prosecution, as appropriate.

We consider it our job to protect you against such threats, so that you can work in peace and with peace of mind. Therefore, if you have any concern relating to workplace safety, whether yours or that of a team member, please let Keith, Anne or Perspectives HR know as soon as possible. Your good faith reports in this regard will be protected from retaliation and are greatly appreciated.


To help us adhere to these safety-related policies, Glantz reserves the right to inspect any personal belongings that are brought to work.

Working Late

If client work keeps you past 8pm, we will reimburse you for a Lyft home (maximum $25) and dinner (maximum $15). Please keep your receipts, note which client necessitated unusually late work, and supply receipts to accounting@glantz.net. More than two late nights in a month require prior approval by Jen.

Leaving Glantz

We know that even the very best things must sometimes come to an end. If it is time for us to part ways, please know that we wish you continued success in your career and in life. We hope you wish the same for us. Please remember the commitment made via your NDA and this handbook. We’ll ask you to share with us, via an Exit Interview, your insights on how we continually grow and get better. We will provide employment verification that includes your position, responsibilities and salary, if contacted by a third-party at your request. We will retrieve any company property you’ve been using and ask for future contact information to ensure we are able to contact you, if needed.

Most of all, we will thank you for your hard work and commitment to our clients and all that you accomplished while you Glantzed.

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