How We Work

How We Work

Project Management: BASECAMP

If you don’t stay organized, it can be pretty hectic at Glantz. Whether you’re on the design, developement, or account side, you’ll be juggling multiple clients and various projects at once. Basecamp is how the entire team stays up to date with each other’s tasks and each project’s progress. You’ll be assigned to-do’s, likely by an account person, for some phases of a project like QA. But most actions will come through our time tracking tool Function Fox (see below).

Basecamp is where we keep the most up-to-date documents and edits on files. Both you and the client will be constantly updating and changing this content, so, when used properly and consistently, Basecamp is an invaluable organizational tool.


There are two aspects to Basecamp: the client-side and the Glantz side (which the client cannot see). Make sure you are aware of what you are sending to clients when you send them a copy of threads or to-dos. Anything under the client-side will have a YELLOW label.

You can log in at with the login information that we provide you.


FunctionFox is the platform we use to keep track of hours worked so that we can bill clients appropriately. You can log in at Our organization code is 76653. To accurately track time in FunctionFox, please take these steps:

  • When you work on a project for a client, you create a new time entry or track it against the assigned hours for that project. You can see your assigned items by going to the To Do page under the TimeSheet tab.
  • For each entry, select the client and project name that fits the task you are working on and then pick the task that is most relevant, if there is one.
  • Write a brief description of the work in the notes section so that when billing happens, it’s easier to see what needs to be billed where.
  • Record your time by fractions of an hour, so if you worked for 15 minutes on a project, enter .25 in FunctionFox.
  • If you are tracking to an assigned to-do or action, close it when complete so it no longer appears in the Availability view.
  • This needs to be done daily by the end of day.

Review their Help Center for video overviews. You can also book a FREE training session, encouraged for all new employees to arrange at the start, and any time you need a refresher.

Glantz expects that you’ll log an 8 hour day, with 6-7 hours of client billable work, however, each department has a utilization goal your supervisor will share with you. When recording your time, please note:

  • Any non-billable Glantz administrative time goes under Miscellaneous Non-Billable (with notes), or we have projects under Standups/Resourcing, Marketing, Professional Development, and others that may be specific to an internal project.
  • PTO time should be billed under your PTO project (Glantz Design > 2023 PTO > “Your Name” PTO) where you will log 8 hours for each full day you are out sick or on vacation.
  • For partial sick or vacation days, you will log any client billable time or Glantz administration time accordingly, and log the remainder of your 8 hours as sick or vacation.


We use Trello for a bird’s eye view of projects. This includes a Web Project view of what phase each web project is in, as well as an Individual Project list so anyone on the team can see who is on what project at a glance.


You can access email at the web address: and log in with your email and password. We require that all email uses 2-factor authorization. Or, if you would like, we can configure your work computer and smartphone to get mail through programs like Apple Mail or the Gmail app. While we promote work-life balance, communication happens at random times and we strongly encourage you to have email access via your smartphone as well.

Beware of Phishing scams, especially when you start employment. Never trust an email or text from Keith asking you to send money or click a link. If you are not sure, ask him by Slack or in person. Never respond to a questionable email to check as that gives the phisher information.

Your work computer should not be used for personal email accounts.

If you want to make an out-of-office reply only create it through Do not ever set up out-of-office reply through other platforms like Apple Mail as there are many issues that happen. Go to Gmail>Settings to set this up.


We have a shared calendar so everyone can keep track of when we have meetings, when people are going to be out of town, and other important scheduling information. This calendar is connected to your Glantz email and can be accessed from the Google webmail platform or at


You are expected to have access to the tools you need to complete your job in the same fashion as you would in an office. This includes excellent WiFi for uploading large files and being on video calls.

Most of our calls are via Zoom, Google Meet, or Slack Huddles. We expect cameras to be on for video calls. If you are not able to share your camera view, let the most senior person on the call know ahead of time.