Getting Paid

Getting Paid

Work Hours and Hours Worked


In general, unless otherwise agreed upon, Glantz employees are expected to work from about 8AM to 5PM or 9AM to 6PMCST, Monday through Friday. You are expected to track 38-40 hours weekly. We encourage you to get away from your workspace for a one-hour lunch. A change in scenery can help you stay productive and give you a fresh perspective on your work.

As a temporary benefit, our Friday schedule ends two hours earlier depending on your start time. This is to give everyone the opportunity to start your weekend of rest and relaxation a bit earlier. So if you start at 8am, you wrap at 3pm. If you start at 9am, you wrap at 4pm.


We invoice clients for our time; therefore, everyone must accurately enter their time daily. Being more than a week late on your timesheets is grounds for discipline, loss of privileges such as direct deposit, and dismissal. Glantz is currently using the FunctionFox timekeeping system.

Per our remote work schedule, everyone is expected to track 8 hours of work a day (we don’t track our 1-hour lunch breaks), and 6 hours on Fridays for a total of 38 hours. Even if time is unbillable with Glantz, we want that time captured to alleviate any questions on if you are missing billable time. If you take PTO on Friday, you are still expected to track 8 hours, not 6 hours. Learn more details about tracking time under FunctionFox in How We Work

Receiving Your Pay


In order to comply with the state and federal governments, we need you to complete your federal and state W-4, found in the . Be sure to calculate the deductions you’d like to take and sign both documents.


The I-9 form affirms that you are legally eligible to work for Glantz. We’ve highlighted the required sections you’ll need to complete and we will make and keep a copy of the documents you use to complete the form. The I-9 form is available in the  of this handbook.


We pay all employees through direct deposit. To get you set up with direct deposit, please complete the Direct Deposit Authorization Form, located in the of this handbook, and include a voided check or deposit slip. Make sure you update this form before closing any bank account(s) where we are depositing you pay. If you have any questions contact Laura Glantz at


To be reimbursed for business-related expenses, expense reports should be submitted to the Accounting Department at semi-monthly, by the 10th and 25th of the month.