Welcome to Glantz!

This Handbook is intended to communicate some helpful information about what to expect from Glantz and what we expect from you. Let’s start with why we are here!

Glantz’s mission is to craft beautiful, effective brands through enduring partnership, genuine curiosity, and proactive iteration.

We’re not just about design. Our developers, project managers, writers, designers, and strategists advance visuals, simplify communications, and nurture marketing programs. We’re about getting creative and thinking smart. We believe in career development, exploring opportunities and continual growth, so get ready to bend your brain in new ways.

You can expect to:

  • Have fun
  • Be challenged
  • Work hard

We expect each other to uphold our Glantz Core Values:

  • Learn every day: Technologies and tastes constantly change. That kind of progress invigorates us. We learn at every level and routinely evolve our skills to prevent obsolescence.
  • Support one another: We are an inclusive studio that acts as a team. We promote individual strengths and expect collaborative contribution.
  • Ask why, and then ask again: Curiosity is essential to creativity. We ask questions first to find clarity, then to uncover opportunity.
  • Communicate sincerely and directly: Strong partnerships require open communication. We are unafraid to challenge our colleagues and clients, and always do so with respect.
  • Celebrate wins and grow from mistakes: We believe in recognizing successes, big or small. We also appreciate that failure is required for growth. We learn — and try again — as a team.

We are always open for feedback:

  • If at any time during your Glantz career you want to provide anonymous feedback, please use this form. The Executive Leadership Team will receive an email when a new submission is sent.