Server Usage

Server Usage

Our server has some specific rules for how to save files, access files, and not delete files. This is important stuff.


On Day 1, you’ll be granted access to our server via Dropbox. This is our single source of truth!

By granting you access, we are trusting you with our most valuable assets—our work. Please do not delete things from the server until you have a full understanding of how it works.

Saving Files

Always save your work to Dropbox at the end of the day. For designers, files may be too large to work off the server, so must be worked on your desktop then uploaded. Use the following naming convention: client-project-name-v#. Always identify the version of the document for easy reference. Instead of deleting files, save an archive backup folder where possible.


We use Dropbox via web browser to manage and access file. We can send clients direct links to large files when needed. Keith will get you set up with a user name. You will access two main folders: Clients and Glantz.

Version Control

At Glantz, we often go through many versions of a design before submitting it to a client, and even more versions once we receive edits from a client. It’s important that we keep all of these versions organized on the server so that we can go back to them if necessary. 

When you are done making changes and updates to a file, you should save it with an updated version number. For example, if you’re working on a file called Glantz_is_Great_v1.pdf and you make updates to this file, you should save it as a new file called Glantz_is_Great_v2.pdf in the same folder on the server as version 1. The version number will keep increasing with every new update. Try to avoid using names like Glantz_is_Great_FINALVERSION because more often than not, it’s not the final version.

Saving Files

Files should be saved in their preferred Glantz format, as follows:

  • Website Mock-ups = Figma Prototype (Invision phasing out as tool in 2023) 
  • Print items = PDF for review
  • Digital ads = Provided at size as JPEGs
  • And always save native files on the server in their corresponding version (AI, PSDs, indd, etc).

Callout Folder Icon
When starting a new project on the server, go to the “clients” folder, copy the folder “_Job Template” at the top of the list and paste it into the proper client folder. Inside is a READ ME file with instructions on organizing files in this structure, naming convention, and archiving old files.


Our server is set up with folders that organize files into categories. Most of our files are under the client folder which is broken up with one folder per client. Within each client folder are folders for the projects we have worked on and then within those folders are specific files, versions, etc.