Creating a safe work environment is important to us at Glantz and something that everyone here, regardless of your membership in any legally protected class, can expect from us as your employer.

At Glantz, we have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination, bullying, and harassment. Anyone found to have engaged in this type of behavior will be subject to discipline, including immediate termination. We expect you to be aware of each other’s unique backgrounds, value them as important to our collective, and generally exhibit care and respect in the workplace.

Anyone who feels that they have been subjected to, or witnessed, sexual or other forms of harassment or discrimination, should immediately report to Keith, Jen, or Perspectives HR (800.456.6327), so that the situation can be reviewed and dealt with in accordance with our policy and the law. You will be protected from any form of retaliation by coming forward in good faith.

On an annual basis, the entire team must complete Harassment Training prevention through Easy Llama to be compliant with state regulations. New hires will go through the training during their onboarding process, and everyone will re-train when their certification ends.


Our hardware and software are yours to use, but not abuse. Glantz reserves the right to view all use of computers including browsing history, so please avoid attending to private matters on company computers. Please do not use Glantz time or materials for personal use without prior permission. And please do not download suspicious files from the internet onto company computers.

Glantz Computer Policy

Every full-time Glantz employee will receive a Glantz-owned and issued computer. Glantz aims to provide each employee with the power and tools necessary to successfully execute their job. In addition to an easily transportable machine, each employee can request a single monitor.


All software installed on Glantz-owned computers must be authorized by and licensed by Glantz. All licenses need to be tracked and accounted for. No software licenses will be granted for additional “at home” computers.


All Glantz-owned computers must retain a @Glantz.net Apple ID so that it can be wiped or recovered. All Glantz-owned computers must employ 2FA. If a computer is lost or stolen, the employee must notify ELT, change all passwords and file a police report immediately. As stated in the above, all content on Glantz-owned computers is subject to review at any time as is not protected as private information belonging to the employee. While social media channels and the internet are tools used for work, employees are advised not to click into 3rd party links, as they can be dangerous tunnels for viruses and vulnerabilities.


Glantz computers will include Apple Care and all repairs will be handled by Glantz. Should an employee’s machine need repairs, please contact Studio Lead, Jen Lemerand. If gross negligence is found to be the cause of a machine breaking or failure, the employee will be responsible for the repair or replacement of the machine.

Employee-owned computers

In the rare exception that an employee must use their own computer as their main device, a $500/year budget (paid out in monthly installments) will be allocated to the employee to take care of repairs, maintenance, and depreciation of the machine. In this case, a Glantz machine will not be issued to the employee. Prior authorization is required for this arrangement and due to licensing of software, this is discouraged.

Contract Employees

Short term contract employees (project-based) will not be issued Glantz-owned equipment. Longer term contract employees (90+ days) can choose to use their own equipment or borrow a computer from Glantz.


We get it. You’re sitting in front of the magical world that is the Internet and how could you not check reddit for the latest hedgehog meme?! But we also want to make sure that that hedgehog meme isn’t detracting from your ability to keep our clients happy. If you have to, recharge for a few moments—just don’t let it affect your high-quality work!

Beyond work, we want to ensure that you are using social media consistent with being a Glantzer. Please know that the same principles, guidelines, and expectations we have of you in the workplace also apply to your online activities outside of work. Before creating online content, remember that any conduct that adversely impacts your job performance, the job performance, or workplace safety of co-workers or visitors to Glantz or otherwise adversely impacts Glantz or our business interests is grounds for discipline and/or termination.


The use, sale, or possession of controlled substances is highly discouraged. We expect you to come to work physically and psychologically prepared to do great work, as a result, we prohibit working under the influence of alcohol or marijuana, unless sanctioned by management or medically necessary, and strictly prohibit any illegal drugs or controlled substances while at work. While lawfully prescribed medications are permitted, Glantz may ask you to leave the workplace under any circumstances where your condition impacts the safety or health of others in the workplace.


No insider trading. This isn’t Wolf of Wall Street. We’re a wholesome down-to-earth company. We ask that you also respect the confidentiality of clients’ work (as committed in your NDA).

In order to put your Glantz work on a personal portfolio, you need approval in advance to make sure it’s okay. We as a company, do the same, before sharing on Glantz.net.


Glantz is committed to ensuring our workplace is safe and healthy. We ask for your cooperation by working safely, not taking unnecessary risks, and reporting any workplace injuries to Keith within twenty-four (24) hours. 

COVID-19: As our team has gone to a remote model of work, we require employees to be vaccinated for any in-person collaboration. We follow the most up-to-date CDC Guidelines per county to understand if masks are needed for in-person meetings.


We recognize the increase in violence and bullying in our world and it is our intention to ensure that it does not impact our workplace. Accordingly, any words or actions suggestive of or threatening violence of any kind towards any person have no place at Glantz, or while you are representing our brand. This includes direct communication as well as indirect communication via social media or gossip. 

We consider it our job to protect you against such threats so that you can work in peace and with peace of mind. Therefore, if you have any concerns relating to workplace safety, whether yours or that of a team member, please let Keith, Jen or Perspectives HR know as soon as possible. Your good faith reports in this regard will be protected from retaliation and are greatly appreciated.


Glantz wants to offer every person an equal opportunity for a career. If you have a disability and elect to tell the executive leadership team, we will work with you to make any appropriate accommodations necessary. 

How do you know if you have a disability?

You are considered to have a disability if you have a physical or mental impairment or medical condition that substantially limits a major life activity, or if you have a history or record of such an impairment or medical condition.

Disabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Autism
  • Autoimmune disorder, for example, lupus, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, or HIV/AIDS
  • Blind or low vision
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular or heart disease
  • Celiac disease
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Deaf or hard of hearing
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Gastrointestinal disorders, for example, Crohn’s Disease, or irritable bowel syndrome
  • Intellectual disability
  • Missing limbs or partially missing limbs
  • Nervous system condition for example, migraine headaches, Parkinson’s disease, or Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Psychiatric condition, for example, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, PTSD, or major depression


We know that even the very best things must sometimes come to an end. If it is time for us to part ways, please know that we wish you continued success in your career and in life. We hope you wish the same for us. Please remember the commitment made via your NDA and this handbook. We’ll ask you to share with us, via an Exit Interview, your insights on how we continually grow and get better. If contacted by a third-party at your request, we will provide employment verification that includes your position and responsibilities, but never salary. We will retrieve any company property you’ve been using and ask for future contact information to ensure we are able to contact you, if needed.

Most of all, we will thank you for your hard work and commitment to our clients and all that you accomplished while you Glantzed.