Leave and Paid Time Off

Leave and Paid Time Off

At Glantz, we appreciate the importance of vacations and holidays. Below is more information about how we structure our paid time off (PTO), how to request it, and how to track it.


As a full-time Glantz employee, you get fifteen (15) days of PTO each year. This is the bank of hours that you can draw from for vacation, sick, and personal days.

All PTO of more than one day must be approved by Jen at least two (2) weeks in advance.

PTO accrues at a rate of 1.25 days (10 hours) each month. We encourage you to only use what has been accrued, but Glantz will advance up to one (1) week of unaccrued PTO, upon request and your agreement to repay the value of the advance when appropriate. Additionally, you can take no more than two (2) weeks of PTO at one time, unless approved by Leadership.

One (1) week, or 40 hours, of PTO can be rolled over from the current year to the next year. Rolled-over hours must be used in the first quarter, unless otherwise approved by Leadership. All employees will be required to maintain 3 full days of PTO for October-December to hedge for winter illnesses. 

If you earned compensatory time in Q4, consider your total amount to be rolled over. We can only roll over an additional 5 hours IF that time was earned in December. Any time is October or November is all considered part of the same bucket of 40 hours to rollover. 

Should you leave Glantz, any accrued and unused PTO will be included in your final pay; any used and unaccrued PTO will be deducted from your final pay.


  1. Choose the date(s) you want to take off.
  2. Send a message to Jen in the PTO Tracker & Schedule team in Basecamp. Always use the same thread from past requests for easy tracking.
  3. Make sure only Jen is notified when the message is sent and your name is in the message title.
  4. Hit “post this message.”
  5. Your PTO is not approved until Jen responds and you see the time posted in FunctionFox.

For sick or personal days, please call in at least 1 hour prior to your start time. Always take the time you need to recuperate. We appreciate any work you can produce from home if you are just “under the weather”, but know your health is a priority first! Be sure to log your time in FunctionFox accordingly under your PTO To Do.


We have approximately 12 holidays a year: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, and the last week of the year. A calendar of Glantz holidays is included in the .

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PTO should be logged in FunctionFox under Glantz > 2023 PTO > Task is “Your name PTO”. 


We appreciate your commitment to our clients and your willingness to do what it takes to deliver for the client each and every time. When you end up working over 40 hours/week due to client requests, we want to know about it so we can ensure you get time off to recuperate.

When you work more than 8 hours in a day due to client requests and deadlines, let the Account Manager and Jen know how much time you worked overtime. Time may be rewarded back to your PTO bank at a rate of 1.25 hour per 1 additional hour worked. Examples of this are late nights past 6PM due to client deadlines or weekend web launches. If you simply take longer on projects and work late, time is not rewarded back. It needs to be overtime requested.


Maternity leave may be taken through Glantz’s short term disability benefit. Our short-term disability benefit will pay you up to 60% of your salary for up to thirteen (13) weeks. After exhaustion of the short-term disability benefit, you may elect to use your PTO, for a maximum maternity leave of sixteen (16) weeks.

We ask that you discuss your leave with leadership and develop a leave plan at least thirty (30) days in advance and that you advise us if at any point that plan changes.


Our paternity leave policy includes 4 unpaid weeks of leave. Glantz also grants new fathers one extra week (40 hours) of PTO that calendar year, so that some or all of your paternity leave can be paid.


Nursing mothers may take paid breaks to express breast milk for up to one year after the birth of their children.


Glantz encourages employees to fulfill their civic duties. To that end, employees will be allowed leave to serve on a jury if summoned. We request that you provide a copy of your summons notice to Jen as soon as you receive it. If you are called during a particularly busy period, we may ask you to request a postponement. The Company will provide additional documentation in this regard, if necessary, to obtain such postponement.

Jury duty can last from several days to several months, or more. During this time, you will be considered on a leave of absence and will be entitled to continue to participate in insurance and other benefits as if you were working. While serving on jury duty, we expect you to communicate with your supervisor daily to keep him or her apprised of your status.

The Company will compensate full-time employees for the difference between jury duty compensation and your current daily pay for the first five days you serve as a juror (or in accordance with applicable law, if different). If additional time is required, it will be granted, but without additional Glantz pay. You are welcome to keep your jury duty pay.


Parenting is an important job and one that demands your presence. Glantz will grant up to eight (8) hours annually for you to attend conferences or classroom activities for your dependents. We ask that you give us the standard notice of this time-off, that you take no more than four (4) hours of school visitation leave in a single day and, while this time off is unpaid, you may use your available PTO to receive payment for this time off.


We do not have an unpaid leave policy. On a case-by-case basis, if all PTO has been utilized and extenuating circumstances require additional time off, we can discuss an unpaid leave with a return-to-work arrangement.


After 5 full years of continuous full-time employment with Glantz Design, you will be eligible for a paid 4-week sabbatical. You must give us 120 days’ notice of when you plan on using the sabbatical. And that time must be pre-approved. You cannot use additional PTO to extend the duration. You will use your PTO throughout the calendar year in normal increments.

The sabbatical is not four extra weeks of PTO that year. It must be used in a four-week (20 business days) span. It is your time to rest, relax, get the “rainy days” stuff done or go on an adventure.

Your sabbatical can be rolled over indefinitely, but you are encouraged to use it during the milestone year. Employees on sabbatical leave will not be required to use any accrued leave during this period and are permitted to carry over all left in the instance that the sabbatical leave crosses from one calendar year into the next. Employees will not accrue any additional paid time off during their sabbatical duration.

Employees on approved sabbatical leave will receive pay and continued benefits during the period of leave. Unused sabbatical time cannot be cashed out upon termination from Glantz. If someone leaves on their own accord prior to utilizing their approved sabbatical it is not paid out.


Each full-time employee receives two additional PTO days a year to use for professional training. Consider using this for conferences and classes. The training, PTO, and budget will need to be approved by Jen. To be approved, the training also must be in line with your goals. If you find a workshop on a weekend, work with your supervisor to potentially take Friday or Monday off as your PTO day to ensure you are fresh and relaxed for the week of work ahead.