Getting Started

Getting Started

Below you’ll find the essentials for being a successful Glantzer.


We respect your privacy, so we won’t be snooping on your email. But with great technological power comes great responsibility. We may not be working with classified government information, but let’s learn from the greats, and use email responsibly and not share anything that could be considered private.

But it’s not just email. Respecting our client’s privacy means being prudent on all fronts. You’ve already signed an NDA and a copy of this can be found in the appendix of our manual. Please be sure to re-read this document from time to time—our clients count on our discretion!


This Handbook is intended as an easy to use reference guide on Glantz procedures, policies and benefits. We hope it will provide you with a general understanding of how we operate—what we expect from you and what you can expect from us. It is intended solely for informational purposes and is not a contract, express or implied, and its contents do not contain an enforceable promise of any kind. Nor does anything in this Handbook change your employment status with Glantz or guarantee employment for any set period of time. Your employment with Glantz is at all times employment at-will, unless you have a written contract to the contrary, signed by you and Keith Glantz. 

This Handbook supersedes and/or modifies any and all pre-existing handbooks, rules, benefits, policies, and procedures, whether written or not. As the business grows, changes or modifications to this handbook may become necessary and Glantz reserves the right to revise these policies, procedures or processes at any time, for any reason, and without prior notice. We will endeavor to provide notice of changes or additions, whenever possible, and will update the Handbook online as quickly as we can.

We have worked to make this handbook as thorough and user-friendly as possible, and we recognize that it cannot anticipate every workplace situation or answer every question about your employment, and that from time to time you might have questions. Please do not hesitate to contact Keith Glantz or Jen Lemerand when such questions arise.