Glantzers are in constant communication, so make sure you know the best channel for what you want to communicate.

Don’t ever be afraid to ask a question. But if you do have a question about what method of communication to use—refer to this handy-dandy chart that teaches you when to email, when to Slack, when to message on Basecamp. And when all else fails, Slack, or pick up the phone.

With so many methods of possible communication—email, Basecamp, Slack, text—it can be confusing and frustrating.

In simple terms: Dropbox should be the single source of truth for design work and documents.


Basecamp is how we move from work on the server through revisions amongst a discussion thread. Once the project is finished, the Basecamp files will be archived.


Email is the secondary method for client communication and any intra-office communication for files that don’t go through Basecamp threads.


We use Slack as our team IM software. Slack should be used for quick questions, not for documents or discussions requiring a long-term reference. If you have a question on what medium is the best to use in various scenarios, see the end of this manual on communications. 

We have channels for client projects in Slack. Ask an account manager on any project to add you. If you are on a break, in a meeting, heads down focused, or on PTO be sure to update your Status for visibility. Please respond in a timely manner on Slack when you are online to keep our team up and running.

Since Slack is essentially text messaging, please try not to share large files via Slack—it eats up our storage way too fast. Instead, Slack the link to the place on basecamp or the file path to the server location. Search in Slack stinks, so try not to Slack anything that will need to be referred to in the future.