Benefits and Perks

Benefits and Perks

We compete with large firms for client business, and our goal is to be competitive as an employer as well. As a result, we offer a suite of employee benefits and perks that are competitive, robust and available to all full-time Glantzers.


Employees who work at least thirty (30) hours each week, are immediately eligible to select Health Insurance through the company for you, your spouse and/or your family. The election form is included in the of this handbook. If you have any questions contact Laura Glantz at


After 6 months of full-time employment, you are eligible to participate in Glantz’s 401k retirement plan. Sign up forms are in the . If you have any questions contact Laura Glantz at


All full-time employees are automatically enrolled in Short Term Disability, which provides partial pay in the event you have an illness, sickness, or pregnancy that prevents you from working. Benefits begin on the first day for accidents and on the 8th day for sickness. Short term benefits could continue up to 13 weeks. If you have any questions, contact Laura Glantz at


As a remote-first company, you must demonstrate a level of accountability that gives us confidence that productivity and quality of work will not be diminished by your working out of office. You will be required to have excellent Wi-Fi and Slack on at all times during the workday, updating your Slack status when away. If you have continued issues with Wi-Fi, sound, or your home computer that hinder your ability to work, we will request that you find a reputable space to perform your job. Co-working spaces and coffee shop costs are not reimbursable by Glantz unless approved by Leadership.

Currently we do not offer a stipend for remote-work such as wi-fi, office supplies, etc. This is a benefit we will revisit in our quarterly financial reviews.

For the local team, we will offer meetups on occasion to collaborate. These will always be optional unless otherwise requested by leadership.